My experience in tebing kraton at bandung, jawa barat , indonesia

hallo guys.
today i just wanna share my experience in tebing keraton , bandung , indonesia.

Yesterday, i went to tebing keraton with my friends. it took about 1,5 hours from pasteur with car. After arrived, we parked our car and take a bit rest.

Suddenly , an ojek driver came to us and said "bro, come on take my motorcycle, because you can't go uphill by your feet, it's so far about 2,8 km" and we felt very confused about this, we thought this was far enough, we should be tired after that. so we choose to take a ride with motorcyle.

And then we arrived at destination and we felt so shock cuz it's near. and the price was very expensive about 30k. what a transport .. holy sheep..  how can we pay 30k for 1 km, this was the most expensive ojek in the world . they lied to us. we didn't want to fight about that, so we paid them with our sense of dissapointment.

And then , we went to tebing keraton. the place was very awesome . i'm really thanks to Allah for made beautiful place in this country. i'm so happy. After we took many photos , we decided to go to parking lot by feet and hell yeah we meet that ojek driver again , and offer to us "bro, come on take my motorcycle cuz it's going to rain." and we said " no , thanks .we can walk"

it's really awesome walking downhill. i can breath deeply , it was so fresh ,so many trees.

after 30 minutes walking, we got into the car and went to my friend's home.

note :
if you wanna go to tebing kraton at bandung, don't use motorcycle to go up there. just walk , it's much better.
cuz they wanted to trick you, its not good.

next post i'll share my photos and video

thanks for visiting my blog. xD
hope you enjoy it and sorry for my bad grammar.


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